Lectures And Seminars

We are humble people. We don’t know management theories. We get surprised when big companies approach us for workshop and seminar presentations.In these sessions we share what we know best, the practical wisdom and learning from our rich heritage of 125 years and experiences from Mumbai streets.Here are some programmes that we can share with you:


On the ground: 

A day with Mumbai Dabbawala: 3 Hrs

Do you want your team to accompany us on our dabba delivery route? It’s a great learning experience. You will know what it takes to deliver a Dabba to its destination with highest level of accuracy. Nothing is better than experiencing it yourself.

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Short Seminar: 1.5 Hrs

Mumbai Dabbawala: Magic Unfolds

This is our most popular presentation, in which we present management lessons from Dabbawalas. It is insightful, humorous and entertaining as well. It’s not just a presentation but experience sharing, which touches everyone.
Various organisations invite us with this presentation for international events, product launches, annual sales conferences, Vision and mission launches in organisations. As well as for team building and other managerial development functions.

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Full day workshop: 8 Hrs

Wisdom Dabba

Mumbai Dabbawala is much more than just delivery of meal boxes. There is a legacy of 125 years.
What makes it going strong even after so many years? There are deeper lessons here.
Wisdom Dabba workshop is a comprehensive interactive training session covering team building, innovation and values.
It’s presented by professional trainers along with Dabbawalas.
A great addition to your MDP sessions.

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